All babies cry - although some more than others. As you get to know your baby you will get to learn about their crying signals and what different cries mean.

  • There are a few ways to cope with a crying baby
  • Make sure they are not hurt or in pain
  • Do they need their nappy changed?
  • Check that her clothes are comfortable and that she is not too hot or too cold
  • Is your baby tired? Gently rocking her, singing quietly or walking around the room might help her to go to sleep
  • Make sure that she's not hungry
  • Chat to her in a gentle voice, hug and cuddle her so you are close

No matter how frustrating and worrying a crying baby can be, you should never slap or shake them.

Trust your instincts. If you are worried contact your health visitor.

Last Updated: 14 October 2014
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