Pregnancy to birth

  • Download the Ready Steady Baby app to keep up-to-date on all things to do with pregnancy, birth and parenthood. The more you know, the more prepared you will feel.  
  • The closer you and your partner are the more you’ll be able to share the experience of pregnancy and birth. Try not to keep your feelings to yourself– talk to each other!
  • Be actively involved as early as you can. If you can, go along to antenatal appointments, scans and classes - you’ll be very welcome there. For many dads to be, this can be the time when becoming a parent begins to seem real!
  • Book your paternity leave. Try to take the full two weeks if you can. It’s time to become a new family, get to know your baby and support your wife or partner. 
  • Your partner will be going through physical and emotional changes so try to be sensitive. Show you care by running her a bath, giving her a shoulder massage or try breakfast in bed.
  • If you are a smoker, try to stop now. If you are not able to do that, then always smoke outside your house or car and avoid exposing your partner to second hand smoke.  
  • Make sure you are keeping on top of practical things, like cooking, cleaning and shopping. 
  • Eating well is much easier if you are doing it together, start picking up healthy food habits you want to pass on to your child.
  • Make sure your home is safe for your new arrival.
  • It may seem like a long time away, but it’s important to think about how you and your partner will feed your baby. Breastfeeding has lots of benefits for mothers and babies. Find out more information about the options for feeding your baby and discuss these with your partner. 
  • Get organised for the birth together. See the handy checklists on what to bring to the hospital (if your partner is planning a hospital birth).
  • You can help out too by cutting out or cutting down on drinking during the pregnancy, particularly around your partner. This will support your partner to avoid alcohol during her pregnancy. The Drink Smarter website has useful guidance on responsible drinking and how to cut back.
Last Updated: 14 October 2014
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