Recipe ideas

You will find lots of ideas for recipes for weaning your baby, but here’s a couple to get you started. Remember not to add salt or sugar to your baby’s food. Salt can overload her kidneys.

Ask your health visitor for a copy of fun first foods

Cauliflower, pea and potato mash (makes 4 to 6 portions)

2 medium potatoes, peeled and quartered
2-3 florets cauliflower
100 g frozen peas
Milk, to taste

1. Cook the potatoes in boiling unsalted water for 15 minutes or until soft.
2. Cook the cauliflower by steaming or boiling in unsalted water for 5 minutes.
3. Add the peas to the cauliflower and bring the vegetables back to the boil. Cook for only a couple of minutes or until they are tender.
4. Drain the potatoes and mash with the milk. Do not add any salt.
5. Drain the cauliflower and peas and mash.
6. Stir into the potato mash.

For variation, use broccoli instead of cauliflower, or replace peas with sweetcorn. For babies over six months you may add grated cheddar cheese.

Pear and peach mash (makes 4 to 6 portions)

1 ripe pear, peeled and roughly chopped
205g can of peach slices in fruit juice, drained – reserve juice

1. Roughly chop the peaches.
2. Place the pear and peaches in a small saucepan and add 1 tablespoon of the juice or water.
3. Simmer gently until the peaches are soft – about 15 minutes.
4. Drain off any liquid, reserving it.
5. Mash the fruit using the reserved liquid if needed.

Cooking food – such as chicken and vegetables – in milk makes it easier to mash (but never add food to milk in bottles). For convenience, make several portions at once and freeze them in ice cube trays before storing them in food bags in the freezer.

Last Updated: 29 June 2011
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