What you can expect at 11-12 months

Your baby has come on an amazing amount in just one year. As she approaches her first birthday, it’s hard to believe it was only 12 months ago that she was a tiny helpless creature. Now she’s grown, can do all sorts of things, can communicate with you, can get around – and will show you she has a mind of her own!

She’ll be showing signs of wanting to make her own decisions and won’t always agree with you. Also, in lots of ways, babies do like to please and cooperate with you. You might find that your baby holds her arms out for her jacket, for example, or will wave bye-bye when asked to and may be able to point to familiar things.

You may want to think about how far you’ve come as parents in the past year and how well you’ve done. It’s not been easy – but you’ve done a great job and had fun along the way! Your health visitor may offer to review your child’s health and development at this stage if you have any concerns.

At 11-12 months your baby may be able to...

  • understand simple phrases such as ‘Where is the cup?’ and ‘Do you want a drink?’ and follow simple directions with familiar objects, for example ‘Bring me teddy’
  • recognise people she knows
  • show affection with kisses and cuddles
  • point to objects so that you can respond by commenting on them, for example ‘Yes, that’s a cup’
  • think it’s fun to push, throw, and knock down everything in sight
  • giving toys to others or taking them away is also a new learning experience for her
  • use gestures like pointing and waving. This is also the stage where she’ll understand more of what you are saying, including the word ‘no’
  • move around. Some children learn to crawl during this stage, although others will develop more novel ways of getting around, such as creeping on their tummies, scooting on their bottoms, or rolling to wherever they want to go. Some will even be walking by now – but don’t worry if your baby isn’t, it happens any time between 8 and 20 months.
Last Updated: 06 March 2017
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