What you can expect at 9-10 months

By ten months, most babies are either crawling or nearly there. Some can also ‘cruise’ around the furniture and pull themselves up to a standing position if furniture is the right height. Your baby may want to stick very close to your lap. She may still be a bit clingy at this stage if somewhere strange or with new people.

Your baby may also be getting more independent and able to make her feelings felt – for example, she may refuse to cooperate by stiffening her body as you try to dress her. She will also begin to use lots more gestures, including clapping and waving.

Introduce your baby to a wide range of foods early on so she can enjoy a variety of tastes and textures.

From now on, your baby will gradually start fitting in with your family eating routines – eating breakfast, lunch, tea and maybe a couple of snacks in between.

If your baby is eating less than usual, this is fine as long as she is happy and healthy and continues to grow. It’s normal for your baby’s appetite to change from day to day.

At 9-10 months your baby may be able to...

  • turn and stretch to grasp a toy without toppling over
  • use her finger to point at big and small objects to share her world.  Babies also love poking their fingers into holes so make sure your electric sockets are covered  
  • babble with recognisable sounds such as ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and imitate noises that you make
  • understand some phrases such as ‘no’, ‘bye bye’ and ‘dinner’, especially when they are part of a familiar routine. For example, she’ll understand ‘bath time’ when she’s in the bath
  • clap and wave
  • copy noises such as blowing raspberries and making kissing sounds
  • copy you to make the same thing happen – for example, show her how to ring a bell and she’ll shake it to make the same noise
  • understand that things are still there even if she can’t see them – she can watch while you hide a toy under a cloth and find it again by removing the cloth.
Last Updated: 06 March 2017
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