Antenatal care

The care you’ll receive throughout your pregnancy and before birth, to ensure the health of you and your baby.

Example of antenatal care

Your healthcare
during pregnancy

Antenatal care means the care you receive throughout your pregnancy and before birth.

Where will you
give birth?

You’ll usually be asked to ‘book’ where you want to give birth near the start of your pregnancy, but you can change your mind later.

Who's involved in looking after you?

You’ll perhaps have more to do with the NHS in the next few months than you will for the rest of you life – unless, of course, you have another baby.

Having an
ultrasound scan

An ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves that bounce off solid objects and create a picture on screen.

Tests and checks
you may have

Always ask the reason for tests – they may be routine and straightforward to the health professionals carrying them out, but not to you.

Twins and
multiple births

The birth of more than one baby is always known as a multiple birth, whether there are two, three or more.

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