Getting ready for parenthood

What to think about and prepare for, and the equipment you will need.

Photographs of people getting ready for parenthood

Planning ahead

Parenthood is a life-changing event and it brings with it some big changes.

Antenatal classes

Most clinics, hospitals and health centres have antenatal classes. They are free and usually run by midwives.

Reasons to breastfeed

It may seem like ages until you actually give birth, but how you will feed your baby is an important decision.

Braxton Hicks

Braxton Hicks contractions are sporadic uterine contractions.

Being a single parent

If you’re on your own, the whole business of pregnancy can seem daunting.

Thinking about safety

Your baby will rely on you to keep her safe. Of course you’ll have to take more steps to improve your home’s safety once she can move herself.

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