Planning for the birth

Finding out exactly what happens, what your pain relief options are, and information about Caesarean births.

Planning for the birth

Thinking about
the birth

You will have lots of questions about the birth, from where it will take place to what exactly happens.

Pain relief in labour

Thinking about pain relief beforehand will give you a chance to find out what is available and how it will affect you and your baby.

What to pack

As you get closer to your due date there are lots of things to arrange. It makes sense to have a bag packed and ready to go.

Your baby's position

Your baby’s position or ‘presentation’ refers to which part of the baby’s body will be born first.


This condition occurs only in pregnancy and affects one in every ten pregnancies.

Last minute things to think about

So the big day’s almost arrived. You’re probably excited and a bit nervous.

Your due date

It’s a rare baby that turns up on her due date, which means that most will be either early or late.

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