Pregnant life

Everyday life while you’re pregnant, and the changes that will occur to your body.

Pregnant life

When to tell people

Most people wait until the end of the first trimester (after 12 weeks) until they announce they are pregnant.

What to wear

After about four or five months you’ll find that you don’t fit into your normal clothes because your waist has thickened and your breasts are larger.

Sex during pregnancy

Sex is normally perfectly safe in pregnancy. Any sexual activity that doesn’t harm you will not harm your baby.

Emotions: how you and your partner may
be feeling

There’s no ‘normal’ way to feel while you’re pregnant.

Weight gain and other changes to your body

If you’ve always watched your weight, it can feel strange to keep putting weight on.


All the usual precautions of travelling apply as a pregnant traveller but avoiding hassles and stress can be even more acute.

Maternity leave and other benefits and payments

If you have a job, you’ve probably already been thinking about what to do after your baby is born.

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