When to tell people

When to tell people

Most people wait until the end of the first trimester (after 12 weeks) until they announce they are pregnant. That’s the stage where there is much less risk of miscarriage, and you have had an ultrasound and even seen your baby on screen. For more information about the different stages of pregnancy, visit our pregnancy timeline.

Who to tell

You may want to tell very close friends and family before 12 weeks, but it’s really up to you and your partner and it should be a joint decision. There is no right or wrong time.

Some people will take this opportunity to pass on advice, including horror stories. While it can be good to hear about other people’s experience, don’t feel you have to take their advice or feel bullied into making any choices which you’re not happy with. It’s your baby so it’s up to you.

Telling work

What you decide to tell colleagues and employers, and when, will depend on a few things, including your relationship with your boss and how you are feeling in early pregnancy.

It’s a good idea to make sure your employer hears the news from you, not through workplace gossip. You may not want to tell anyone until you’re past the first trimester, but you may need to let people know sooner if, for example, you’re suffering bad morning sickness, are particularly tired or are having other health problems.

Your antenatal rights don’t kick in until you’ve notified your employer. You have to tell your employer by the 15th week before the baby is due (see Maternity leave and other payments and benefits).

Telling children

Parents who already have a young child or children sometimes decide not to tell them until the pregnancy is further on. Nine months is a long time to a toddler! Children may well pick up on the information if other people know, however, so you need to judge for yourself how you want to
handle it.

Telling children about pregnancy can raise lots of questions for them, and depending on their age, they may want to know how it happens. If you would like help or advice on talking about this with your children ask your midwife.

Last Updated: 01 March 2017
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